The units are made-to-order according to design criteria, temperature, pressure and material. Circular or rectangular frames are available. 1 model of blade is available: the solid blade. A bonnet ensures a seal between the interior and exterior of the system. Stuffing boxes are used to ensure shaft sealing.

2 types of seats are available: metallic or highflex. The drive system is designed to comply with an adjusted safety factor of between 1.5:1 and 15:1. Slide gate dampers are operated through use of an electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuator.

  • Mainly used to control flow of raw material in dry material transport systems
  • Can be adapted to a wide range of materials (abrasion, corrosion, heat, shocks)
  • Frame of the slide gate dampers can be adapted to any section of duct with transition fitting, if neccesary